Web Site Security Audit

With e-shops and mobile sites becoming the talk of the town, more and more merchants are adopting various ready to use platforms to set up their own business. However, launching a website hastily without any consideration can expose your website to vulnerabilities that can hamper your growth. And no matter how carefully you have coded your pages, if the equipment of the host is vulnerable, then your website is at risk.


At Lebenco Consulting, we offer best Web Site Security Audit services that help you to secure your business and makes sure your data remains free from any vulnerability.


Audit tests the website pages for all the known code vulnerabilities including:

  • SQL Injection
  • XSS (Cross Site Scripting)
  • Remote File Inclusion
  • File Disclosure
  • Directory Traversal
  • PHP/ASP Code Injection


Our Web Site Security Audit Services are fast and delve every vulnerability that might be of risk. After determining the weakness, we rate the risk level and then provide the right solution for effective rectification.


How it all works?

  1. Port Scan – As part of the Port Scan process, our web site security audit will start investing all the services on all port on web servers in including web, mail, FTP, SQL and even your firewalls.
  2. Vulnerability Scan – Then, at every open port, we will identify the present service and find out details about its configuration. Then, these services and configurations are compared to our database, which has thousands of vulnerabilities. In case of a potential vulnerability exists, we will at once test it to ascertain if a weakness exists or not.
  3. Web Site Scan – Web Site Security Audit crawls each page of your website testing it for any possible entry point against every family of security risk. To help us in doing so, we have the in-depth, automated testing for SQL injection and Cross Site Scripting.
  4. Reporting – After scanning the website, a detailed report is prepared addressing the discovered risks according to their severity. With executive summaries, we keep a track of the overall security grade and your progress while working on the elimination of the issues.
  5. Analysis – After a thorough analysis of each of the vulnerabilities, we make a report including recommendations on how to handle each of the security risk.


For more details on website security audit, assessment & reporting, and access to our security professionals, feel free to get in touch with us.

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