Shop Establishment Registration

Shop Establishment is state governed matter this means every state has its different act for Shop Establishment registration. Shop Establishment registration is governed by Department of Labor of each state. Shop Establishment registration applies to all commercial establishment which operate with motive to earn profits. However, factories are not covered by the shops & establishments Act as they are regulated by the Factories Act, 1948. In Delhi every commercial establishment shall within the period of Ninety days of occupying of every establishment shall apply for shop Establishment.


Shop Establishment act is a State enactment and provides for the regulation of conditions of work, opening and closing time, weekly of, safety health and welfare for the employees etc in shops and commercial establishments.


Procedure for Shop Establishment registration


Filling information sheet provided by Lebanon

Our team will send an information sheet containing basic details to be filled by client about themselves and their business entity.


Collecting/ preparing necessary documents for Shop Establishment application

Our team will prepare and get necessary documents signed and collect from you which are required for applying for Shop Establishment registration.


Applying for Shop Establishment registration

Once necessary documents are collected our team will file form for Shop Establishment registration


Shop Establishment registration certificate

After Shop Establishment application has been filled along with necessary documents its shall be verified by Chief Inspector of Labor department and if everything in order Chief Inspector will issues Shop Establishment Certificate


Documents required for Shop Establishment registration: –   

  • PAN card of applicant (Company/ Partneship Firm/ LLP/ Sole Properitorship)

PAN card of entity is required for Shop Establishment

  • Business registration documents

Identity proof of applicant is required for applying Shop Establishment registration. Following shall be identity proof for different entity: –

  1. Certificate of incorporation for companies/ LLP
  2. Partnership deed for partnership firm
  3. PAN/ Aadhaar card of sole proprietor
  • Certified true copy of MOA, AOA, COI in case of company and partnership deed in case of partnership firm
  • Complete list of employees mentioning Name, Address, Date of Joining of each employee
  • Certified copy of ID proof i.e. PAN or Passport and address proof i.e. Driving License or passport of Directors/ partners as the case may be
  • Front Photo of office premises with Authorized representative standing in front
  • List of Directors and shareholders in case of company
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