Provident Fund Registration

According to Employee Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 every establishment which is a factory engaged in any industry specified in Schedule I and in which 6 twenty or more persons are employed,


This Act shall not apply— (a) to any establishment registered under the Co-operative Societies Act, 1912 (2 of 1912), or under any other law for the time being in force in any State relating to co-operative societies, employing less than fifty persons and working without the aid of power; or 7 [(b) to any other establishment belonging to or under the control of the Central Government or a State Government and whose employees are entitled to the benefit of contributory provident fund or old age pension in accordance with any scheme or rule framed by the Central Government or the State Government governing such benefits; or (c) to any other establishment set up under any Central, Provincial or State Act and whose employees are entitled to the benefits of contributory provident fund or old age pension in accordance with any scheme or rule framed under that Act governing such benefits;


Documents list for getting EPF registration: –


  • Copy of PAN Card;
  • 1st Sales Bill / Service Bill;
  • Lease Deed / Rental Agreement;
  • MOA and AOA;
  • Copy of Telephone Bills / EB Bills;
  • Copy of VAT / CST Certificate;
  • Any proof of Trial Product / Work order;
  • Resisted in Contracts Act – Copy of Registration Certificate;
  • Statement showing Employee Strength from Date of Starting the Business with Date of Joining;
  • List of Directors and ownership proof;
    1. Name of the Director;
    2. PAN of the Director;
    3. DIN of the director;
    4. Interest in the company;
    5. Address of the director (with proof).
  • Copy of Audit report last 3 years;
  • Details of Bank Account details;
  • BN & Performa-for-Coverage (Attached);
  • Form for allotment of Business Number;
  • BR for getting registration in EPF and authorization for person who sign the documents; and
  • DSC of Authorized person.
    1. Name of the authorized person;
    2. PAN of the authorized Person;
    3. Address;
    4. Interest in the company.


Procedure for Employee provident fund registration: –

  • Filling information sheet provided by Lebanon

Our team will send an information sheet containing basic details to be filled by client about themselves and their business entity.


  • Collecting/ preparing necessary documents for EPF application

Our team will prepare and get necessary documents signed and collect from you which are required for applying for EPF registration.


  • Applying for EPF registration

Once necessary documents are collected our team will file form for FSSAI License registration


  • Submission of physical document with PF department

All self-certified documents shall be submitted to PF department


  • FSSAI registration certificate

After EPF application has been filled along with necessary documents its shall be verified by officer and if everything in order department will issues EPF Registration Certificate

  • Basic

  • INR8000/mo
    • Provident Fund Registration

  • Standard

  • INR10000
    • Provident Fund Registration
    • Class II DSC

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