ISO Registration

ISO is a non-government independent international body that has set world-class international standards for products, services and systems, to ensure quality, safety and efficiency. International Standards creates confidence among consumers that the products are safe, reliable and of good quality. Its is to be noted that ISO (International Organization for Standard) only set standards for getting ISO registration but its does not provider ISO certificates same is provided by various independent bodies registered with ISO for providing certificates. There is no statutory requirement of getting ISO certificate, but it is beneficial to get ISO certificate as it create confidence among consumers and help business to minimize waste and increase productivity.


Benefits of ISO registration: –


  • To build international credibility of goods/ services

ISO standard gives confidence among consumers about quality and safety of goods and hence increase credibility


  • Increase marketability of products/ services

ISO certification will increase credibility of product and hence will attract more consumers


  • Improves Productivity of products/ services

ISO certification is a strategic tool that reduce costs by minimizing waste and errors and increasing productivity of products


  • Improves customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction will increase as goods/ services will be provided as per international standardization


Procedure for ISO registration: –


  • Filling information sheet provided by Lebanon

Our team will send an information sheet containing basic details to be filled by client about themselves and their business entity.


  • Collecting/ preparing necessary documents for ISO License application

Our team will prepare and get necessary documents signed and collect from you which are required for applying for ISO License registration.


  • Applying for ISO License registration

Once necessary documents are collected our team will file form for ISO License registration


  • ISO Audit

An ISO audit is conducted based on the documents provided. The central ISO company will check for the genuineness of all the documents and if satisfied will issue ISO certification.


  • ISO registration certificate

After ISO is completed and ISO company is satisfied about genuineness of all documents ISO company will issue ISO certificate.


ISO certificate

INR 4,999


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