Big Data Solution

Today, data is the most valuable currency in the economy, where businesses that get their ideas to the market are favored by success. By implementing continuous improvement and predictive planning, data-driven organizations are achieving significant gains. To better their business, companies are paying attention towards their Big Data.


As part of our Big Data Solution, we offer:



At Lebenco Consulting, we offer services that helps to define your Big Data strategy, roadmap, and blueprint. Based on proven methodologies we provide vendor-neutral recommendations, architecture blueprints and implementation roadmaps without any bias.

We are here to help you define a Big Data strategy for your business and select the requisite technologies and vendors as per your requirements and budget. In doing so, we also make sure that it complements yours existing data warehouse/ BI investments. Our experienced consultants are always up with the available options that can help you to evaluate the Open Source options as well as commercial product vendors.


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Data Warehouse Modernization

Want to optimize and migrate data from the enterprise to the Big Data warehouse without any hassle? With warehouses choked by unstructured data sources, the need of a data warehouse is truly indispensable for businesses and organizations. The data warehouse modernization services offered by Lebenco Consulting helps to extend and enhance your warehouse infrastructure.


As part of our Data warehouse modernization services, we offer workload migration and data blending services. While the former enables to offload traditional data warehouse to the Big data warehouse, the latter blends the diverse data sets and quicken your time-to-insight.



Reduce your risk, data implementation cost and time with our Big data implementation services. Our team of experts’ design prototypes utilizing technologies that can actually work magic for your business. On successfully validating the prototype, we help our clients scale and deploy their Big Data solution to a production-grade implementation. Lebenco Consulting also provides affordable and best in class optimization, support, maintenance of your Big Data solutions.


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